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Due to the limited lifespan of New Year’s Resolutions I decided not to make any this year, instead I have a New Year’s Intention. I don’t promise to stick to it, I don’t swear to make it happen, I simply intend to try. If it doesn’t work out? Well we all know the road to hell is paved in good intentions.

If it does work out? I’ll be able to hold a conversation in 10 languages.

While this seems like a super human task I must admit that I am already fluent in 3 of them (English, Afrikaans and Greek). Knowing Afrikaans is helping me along in German. I have done a Portuguese beginners course before so hopefully it will all come back to me. It turns out that Italian, French and Spanish are remarkably similar which makes it relatively easy. Next up is Zulu, (proudly South African and all that jazz… k I lied… I’m hoping to use Zulu as a negotiating tool if I find myself in some sort of criminal situation i.e. me about to get raped, not me about to rob a bank). Last but not least is Turkish; I fell in love with Istanbul and plan to return there many times – for the most part Turkish has nothing in common with the other 9 languages but every now and then there are some words that are very similar to the Greek equivalent.

Can I learn ten languages in a year?

Yes! Ja! Ja! Nai! Evet! Yebo! Oui! Sim! Si! Si! (yes I do know there are accents missing but my laptop just doesn’t want to play today)

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